Friday, October 16, 2009

Download Cd audio Book New American Inside Out

Audio book English New American Inside Out.

Download Cd 1, 2, e 3.

Just download to study! Free download.

Download CD 1 e 2

Download Cd 3

Deya Flores


Betana said...

Hi, Deya,
great idea to offer download of our CDs!
Your blog is a must!

Andreia Flores said...

Thanks teacher!

Adri said...

I liked your blog!
The pictures is beautiful!

Andreia Flores said...

Hi Adri! Thanks! Many kisses!

fran said...

Hello Deia!

I liked this post your blog. Very nice.


Andreia Flores said...

Thanks Fran!
I hope you enjoyed the CDs.

Jose Saldanha said...

Hi, my teacher asked me if i still had this cds, i looked for it and nothing, so i decided to looking for it here, and i found it! Thank you so much!

Grayce said...

Hey Andreia...

How´re doing? I am an English teacher and I´m looking for the New American inside out elementary Class Cds. Do you, by chance, have them?? I hope you do ´cause I enjoyed finding the pre intermediate ones in your blog.. Thanx... I´ll be waiting for your answer. Thanks a million, again. XXXOOO, Grayce

Make it up! said...

hey, do you have the Older American inside out audio CDS? I'm desperate looking for them:(

Estudiantes PCA Derecho - UPAGU said...

could put the cd elementary level

nguyen vien said...

please can you post Audio CD of the New American Inside Out again coz the links are dead. Million thanks!

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